Introducing…Amanda Bell ‘Celebrity Make Up Artist’

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Hi, I’m celebrity makeup artist Amanda Bell and can’t wait to share some of my secrets about makeup and to give you a peek backstage at some of the projects I’m working on!

I thought I’d take the opportunity on this first post to tell you a bit more about myself in the hope that you find me and my work interesting enough to read on further!……….

Photographer: Richard Leng

Etc bery lips

Photographer: Richard Leng

I’m now based back in my native North East but spent nearly 10 years living in London, heading up makeup teams for super prestigious events such as the BAFTA’s and London Fashion Week, and my work has appeared in British Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire.

For many years I was the National Makeup Artist for luxury cosmetics brand Lancôme and have trained in Paris with some of the best makeup artists in the world, which gave me an amazing insight into the desires of women from across the globe where their makeup is concerned.

Maddie has been grilling me to get the lowdown on the world of a makeup artist so here goes!!

M: “Who is the most famous person you’ve done makeup for?”

A: “Oooh, that’s a hard one…I think it has to be Goldie Hawn, she’s Hollywood royalty right!? It was for the BAFTA’s a few years ago and I was driven to the Berkeley Hotel in London to help her get ready. She was simply fabulous, very welcoming and very down to earth. When I was finished, her PA said she looked just like she did in her film Overboard, which I thought was brilliant!”

M: “Have you had any scary moments doing makeup for celebs?”

A: “Haha, I have actually! The first time I arrived to do Sienna Miller’s makeup in her flat in Notting Hill, I realised I’d left my brushes back at Claridges Hotel where I’d been working earlier!! Luckily enough, I’d spent four days in Paris being trained how to use different parts of my fingers to create different makeup effects – eyeliner, crease shading, contouring, blusher, even lip contouring! I must have done a pretty good job because she was on the cover of every magazine the day after and I’ve since done her makeup another three times!”

Sienna Miller

M: “What’s your must have product in your kit?”

A: “I’ve found loads of amazing products over the years, I’ve been doing this for 18 years now and it’s hard to pick just one….how about I do another guest post about my fave products and what’s new in my kit………?”

M: “What’s the most exciting moment in your career so far?”

A: “Wow, there really has been so many! From being contacted directly from an agency based in L.A to do Jessica Biel’s makeup for the Brits to conducting makeup training sessions in a room that actually hung out over the sea in Monacco…..but I think the first most memorable one was when I won my first national student makeup artist competition in the hallowed Winter Gardens Ball Room in Blackpool back in 1999. When my name was announced 1st place above all of the other 2000 entrants from across the country I just burst into tears! It was the first time when I actually thought “Hmmm I must be pretty good at this and it could be the start of something big!”.

M: “How long does it take you to do your own makeup!?”

A: “I’m a busy single mum to two gorgeous girls, Sophie is 6 and Violet is 5, and so my every day makeup takes literally two minutes! My much needed concealer, mascara and blusher and I’m out the door for the school run! But if I’m going somewhere special I absolutely love the ritual of spending time on my makeup. Deciding “who I’m going to be”, what products I’m going to use, laying everything out, putting on some old school dance music then if I’m getting ready for a night out, I pour myself a cheeky g&t and settle myself in for a good hour of blending, contouring, lash-sticking and the rest!

Until next time…


Amanda x

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